Jordy White

947021_10151614943520798_1636518362_nJordy, the youngest daughter of Carl and Mary, has had the honor of living, loving, and working the land her whole life. She is passionate about promoting the beauty of the ranch and preserving this unique piece of Americana.

As Operations Manager of Guest Services at the ranch, Jordy arranges for guests to stay from April through October and tries to convey a true sense of what the land means to her family. She provides them good old fashioned hospitality while making sure they get the western experiences they are looking for.

After studying Letters at the University of Oklahoma, Jordy traveled the world as a partner in the travel company By-Ways Tours and trained family and search and rescue dogs.  Still traveling the world whenever she gets the chance, Jordy cannot stray far from what is the true love of her life, Island Guest Ranch.